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WWDC 2021: JUNE 7-11

2 min read
WWDC 2021: JUNE 7-11

Yesterday Apple announced WWDC will once again be an all-online event, this year starting on June 7. Although the events used to have a digital format anyways that you can go through after the event, the interactions with the Apple developers and workshops will be happing online as. Even though i am not actively developing apps i find these sessions very informative, and make sure to view some of subjects i am interested in, or the new future releases very insightful. so make sure to dedicate around that the event time to attend the events you might be interested in.

Getting insights on the industry (specially if you are the business of apps) helps you be more proactive on what technology can help you acheive better, however it is very important not to fall into the build trap, where you try to find an initiative for the feature rather than the other way around. and it is equally important to understand that engineering is a cost so if it doesn't drive the ROI required from it, or impacting the UX badly then you are not doing your best job.

Started using Aha! for planning and i am finding it very interesting

its Always a good idea however to look at the roadmap, and initiatives aligned for the future, and ask yourself:

  • "How will these features impact our operations?"
  • What are the risks of these Features on our business
  • Can these features improve our product, by how much?
  • Can these features save us or our customers time?
  • What is the impact of these features being not Adapted on our business?
  • What is the effort required from engineering to deliver a stable version with these new feature?

Always keep in mind that when apple sells their features, some might be less stable than others, some might have vaguer documentation than others, and specially when you are developing cutting edge the support that you might find will be smaller than the older features, due to their exposure, and their impact on the iphone users.

Taking this into consideration its always a good idea to watch the keynote atleast for understanding the next roll out from apple in terms of software, and probably catch the latest device updates and stats. so add this event to your calendar for sure!

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Senior Product Manager @Mumzworld,I love educating myself and sharing my knowledge about product management, Design, Data, and Software engineering to create products that empower customers.