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210315- Daily Journal

2 min read
210315- Daily Journal

So i am experimenting with daily journaling, not sure how the format is gonna be and if i will be continuing it moving forward or not, i highly doubt it but lets see! I am still not sure how it will go! anyways, if that experiement turned out to be fun and easy to manage along the other elements planned for this space. i also don't wish that it creates noise against whats important. but for the time being i will be sharing random stuff on the daily on the journal and it will be under the tag "Journal"

One thing i can share about it at this point of time is that the main idea to be consistent sharing something to the world, and doing it fast... and if you know me its one of my weak points.

One thing about today however is that i am very very tired as i have only slept around 5 hrs, it's really hard being optimally productive around hyper active kids, and that is why i am currently working on optimizing my productivity workflows and optimizing what i got from time and energy.


Here are some articles that are very very worth the read about Productivity and Knowledge management, with as a knowledge worker i think it is very important to read.

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Building a Second Brain: The Illustrated Notes
Maggie Appleton is an art director and anthropological designer. This is her digital garden for growing visual explanations about technology, culture, and programming


Senior Product Manager @Mumzworld,I love educating myself and sharing my knowledge about product management, Design, Data, and Software engineering to create products that empower customers.