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210316 - Daily Journal

2 min read
210316 - Daily Journal

I am still working on the Blog after hours, Along with being sleep deprived.

  • Fixed a couple of broken links in the About page
  • Added Calendly so people can reach me in the
  • Added integration so that when i create a new post it goes to my LinkedIn and twitter accounts [will see if it works now!]

I am also tweaking bits and pieces of my Notion producticity workflow, which i am planning to share one day  here.

So looking at Google analytics, its says there are 2 users, and i am sure that i am one of them if not the 2 so i am kind of confused, who would be reading this now? probably a bot!

So after today i think this should start to go up little by little. and every week i would think about ways to actually push it if that doesn't work. on work side i am refining a product early release, as well as building the roadmap for the next features, i am excited to soon share more details on that. As well as the process i follow to build the requirements.

On the other hand, if you are still reading i just did a flawless parrallel parking earlier on the day and feel very accomplished today.

Another experiment is 👇

Here is an interesting article for today

A nuanced approach beats canceling all meetings
It can be very tempting to schedule a week without any meetings. But there are better ideas.

Note: I just had to revert this post and try and push it again to test the LinkedIn integration


Senior Product Manager @Mumzworld,I love educating myself and sharing my knowledge about product management, Design, Data, and Software engineering to create products that empower customers.