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032221- Journal

3 min read
032221- Journal

Things are becoming quite busy with work, as well as i was building my own productivity system using Notion as the main Knowledge Base/ Task Management / research Notes in the past weekend and i needed to see it work before talking about it. and idea here is to try and eliminate/ minimize the account of apps i generally use for work, design, personal, fitness, and performance tracking  as well as manage my publications for this blog. To do that i mainly use google docs / Things / Trello / Fantastical / Notes on my phone / Evernote / Dropbox Paper/ Confluence as well. So with notion i can do that Yet have everything in one place, more like "One app to rule them all"

If you don't know what notion is or think of it as yet another note taking app, which i think is its worst feature, you need to watch the following 3 min explainer video

Check this out if you have no idea what notion is 

and to understand the capabilities of this tool, then look no Further than their documentation, and tutorials

Notion – Guides & tutorials
Sharpen your skills and explore new ways to use Notion.

Another Great source to go through is

Notion VIP ~ All-in on the all-in-one productivity tool.
Notion is bursting with hidden gems and a jam-packed roadmap. Don’t miss major updates, expert tips, templates, add-ons and much more. Bolster your Notion savvy. Be a Notion VIP.
Notion VIP is a great place to take your notion skills to the next level

So if this got you excited about what i have build thus far, here is the Teaser of it, which is basically Taken off Thomas Franks System, but inside things are a bit different to meet my own needs wether on the tasks, or projects because i have different types of projects and different types of tasks, which i might share more details down the line if people are interested to know more about.

My own productivity dashboard 

So currently i am using it as my personal productivity assistant, but the more i am tweaking and configuring this, i can see it as a collaboration tool that is one of a kind. One pain however that still haunts me is the speed to which it opens and it really does need some attention from the notion team, but this tool is so flexible that i can only see the future of it as collaboration hub killing multiple needs for here and there apps. and up until this point i didn't event need to have a paid account (which i am considering since i will probably need my wife's collaboration on a couple of projects i am working on) and still its cheaper than Netflix!

My next step is to figure out how to actually use notion as an effective note taking app and we are golden.

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